Growing in Christ and Community

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We were made to grow and thrive! We believe that the best place to grow spiritually is in small groups where we can ask questions, encourage each other, and encounter Jesus.

This January, we are launching our winter 2019 Grow Groups across the city in homes during the week, where people will gather, worship, look to the Bible, have conversations, pray, and laugh a lot. Contact the office to join a Grow Group today.

Below is a list of current Grow Groups:


Victoria and Johnson Fos-oy

Monday 6:00pm (Kids Welcome)

Fraser Heights


Prem and Rachel Saldanha

Tuesday 7:00pm (Kids Welcome)



Ryan and Astrid DelBlanc

Wednesday 7:00pm (Kids Welcome)



Fortune, Cha, and Backlin

Thursdays 7:00pm



Gunther and Gisela Kleinshcmidt

Every other Saturday 7pm (Starting Sept 15)



Young Adults Group - Ian and Trixia Fortune

Contact for details / Alternating Tuesday & Wednesday


Larger Groups:


The Table

Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm (Kids Welcome)

14455 104 Ave / Peoples Church Gym


Ladies Coffee Break

Wednesday 9:30am (Kids Welcome)

14455 104 Ave / Peoples Church Gym

Click here to sign up to be in a grow group